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What do you get when you combine a digital entrepreneur, a techy doctor, and a creative scientist?
A first-of-its-kind application that solves a big problem for doctors everywhere: Customer retention.
It all started with a serial entrepreneur: Charles Jones was (and still is) on a mission to help small businesses improve customer retention.
In 2010, Charles founded cutting-edge tech company MoZeus Worldwide – the first photo and video marketing app for brand sponsorship at live events. Through MoZeus, he created a solution that hundreds of global brands didn’t even know they needed: Measurable and impactful consumer engagement that leaves lasting impressions through unique brand interactions.
Charles took this expertise and applied it to an industry desperate for improved customer retention: healthcare.
But how could technology bring doctors closer to patients? Charles knew the answer was digital care. And with his cutting-edge technology that filled the retention gap, he looked to his friend Dr. Patrick Donnelly for a provider’s perspective.
While practices focused on care, Dr. Donnelly noticed they lacked the communication and connection that kept patients coming back. With a background spanning 10+ years in mobile technology, he knew tech was the answer. It was a partnership made in heaven.
They had the doctor. They had the technology. Now they needed a creative touch – someone to add a little mad science. And by “mad,” we mean Madison Avenue.
Michael Campbell knows a thing or two about communicating with consumers. As Chief Creative Officer of the world’s largest advertising agency, J Walter Thompson, Managing Creative Director of BBDO Digital and member of their board of Directors, Michael developed and led many of the world's most successful traditional and digital brand efforts.
Super Bowl spots? He’s got ‘em. Emmy-winning commercials? Several. Integrated campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands like Apple, HBO, Pepsi, Visa and the U.S. Navy? You bet.
Michael’s vast experience with video, content creation and effective messaging made him the perfect person to complete the digital care trifecta. He knows how to effectively communicate with patients, and he integrated this expertise into every corner of digitalcare100 technology – like your very own personal ad agency.
With this mastermind trio, digitalcare100 was born. The healthcare industry was disrupted. And it forever changed the way doctors approach the patient relationship.

Charles Jones

The Digital Entrepreneur
Charles Jones has always had a passion for “The Art of Communication”.
In 2010, Charles founded MoZeus Worldwide and engineered the first photo and video marketing app for sponsorship activation at live events – providing cutting-edge mobile technologies for consumer engagement. To date, more than 500 brands across the globe have used the MoZeus software, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, State Farm, GEICO, AT&T, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Nissan and Mercedes Benz.
After a successful acquisition of MoZeus in 2017, Charles turned his full attention to digitalcare100.
He got started at Denison University, where he received a degree in communication. From there, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of Florida (go Gators!), which led him to the NBA for three seasons and two Championship rings.
For three years, Charles was a special assistant to the General Manager of the San Antonio Spurs. His primary responsibilities included scouting behavioral traits of NBA prospects and creating the framework for the NBA’s first prospect database, which included an advanced analytics platform.
Charles’ career includes tenures in college athletics as well, where he was the Director of Marketing for the University of Texas. Prior to founding MoZeus, Charles was the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for both Axcess Partners Worldwide and PictureU Promotions.
Charles currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and two daughters.

Patrick Donnelly

The Techy Doctor
From developing strategic brand activations to personally overseeing some of the largest, high-profile events in the world, Dr. Patrick Donnelly spent the first 10 years of his career in mobile technology, where he was Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at MoZeus Worldwide and Vice President of Partnership Development at PictureU Promotions.
He specifically focused on technology to engage consumers at brand events, both in-person and on their devices. He’s been a part of numerous Super Bowls, MLB, NBA, and NHL All-Star games, NCAA Championships, one of the largest Christmas activations in the world (Bass Pro Shops), and countless more events working with numerous Fortune 500 brands. 
Dr. Donnelly has been under chiropractic care since childhood. He heard the chiropractic calling for many years, but maintained focus on his tech career. His passion for health and fitness, and his love of technology, led him to Southern California. It was in this ultra-healthy atmosphere that the chiropractic calling grew larger, to the point he had to make a change. Dr. Donnelly enrolled in chiropractic school and from day one, he knew this was where he was meant to be. 
It was only natural for Dr. Donnelly to mix his chiropractic passion with that of his love of consumer-focused technology. digitalcare100 is the product of these passions.
Dr. Donnelly earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, GA. He also holds degrees in Computer Information Systems and Marketing from Georgia Southern University.
He currently resides and practices in Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his wife and daughter. 

Michael Campbell

The Creative Scientist
Michael Campbell developed and led many of the world's most successful traditional and digital brand efforts.
His portfolio of Super Bowl spots consistently scored in the top 10 of the USA Today Ad Meter.
His entertainment marketing credentials include Emmy-winning commercials for HBO and box office successes for Sony Pictures and Film District. His campaign for the horror flick ‘Insidious’ made it “the most profitable film of 2011”.
Michael was Chief Creative Officer of J Walter Thompson; Managing Director of Atmosphere/BBDO Digital Branding; Executive Creative Director, EVP and member of the New York Board of Directors of BBDO.
He has created and overseen integrated campaigns for Apple, Dominos Pizza, Duracell, FedEx, Frito-Lay, HBO, Merrill Lynch, Pepsi, Visa, Smirnoff, Sony Pictures, Texaco, Unilever and US Navy.
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