Old School Patient Marketing vs. New School Digital Care

Studies indicate that loyalty is a thing of the past, especially within the healthcare space. When people feel like they’re just a number in your practice, and on top of that, receive email blasts that are clearly sent with hopes to increase the bottom line (i.e., asking for a review after the first visit via text), it becomes a failing tactic. This can cause patients to leave, and it surely closes the door on any hope of your message being socially shared with friends or family.

On the flip-side, offering valuable educational content in a personable way to aid and assist recovery is a proven method that works. Not only do your patients respect clever digital marketing communication, but they also know the difference between good and bad. Those who create and deliver relevant, engaging, educational digital care are primed to ignite practice growth in the ultra-competitive healthcare market.

The Digital Care Doctor

  • Greater Connectivity
  • Convenience via Text
  • Online Tools
  • More Time with Doctor

Patients desire a wide range of communications with doctors, including those delivered online and via text. The standard phone call, while still useful, simply isn’t enough – this is especially true among younger generations.

  • 73% of patients desire the ability to text their doctor’s office.
  • 79% of patients would like to receive text messages from their doctor, especially about appointments, helpful tips or video content.

The numbers show that patients are demanding more from their care than periodic doctor visits. Digital care will help providers exceed these expectations.

Ready to provide digital care?