Patients are Consumers, Too!

Patient relationship management is no longer an option for practices – it’s a business strategy necessary for retaining patients, attracting new ones, and maintaining high levels of satisfaction. When it comes to choosing where to invest their healthcare dollars, patients are acting more like traditional consumers by basing their decisions on quality, cost, and convenience. Communicating with patients in ways that best fit their needs, preferences, and lifestyles is critical to developing strong patient-doctor relationships that will keep them coming back to your practice.

Today, patients are looking to have more of a partnership with their doctor. This shift in dynamic requires chiropractors to adjust their approach to patient communication and engagement – which means selecting the right technologies to leverage is essential.

Given the strong interest in text communications by younger generations and its appeal for boomers as well, investing in a platform that supports doctor-patient text messaging is an important first step – and not just around appointment reminders, but also in sharing personalized videos and tips for improving health and establishing a two-way dialogue.

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