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Get inclusive digitalcare100 features:

100+ Messaging Topics & Video Scripts

Don’t know what to talk about? Don’t stress. With over a hundred messages and scripts, start communicating with patients immediately

Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Patient -Text Messages

Your patient communication will have no limits – send and receive as many texts as needed

Social Media Integration

Make it easy for your patients to post your videos to multiple social media accounts directly from the message they receive

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

With digitalcare100, you never blindly send messages to your patients. Real-time analytics allow you to see how your campaigns perform and what’s effective for your practice

Unique Phone Number

We’ll provide you with your own 10-digit phone number for all of your patient communication through digitalcare100

Unlimited Contact Imports

Too many patients? No such thing. That’s why you can import an infinite number of contacts, allowing you to communicate with even more patients

Custom Group Tagging

Send messages to all of your patients, custom groups, or even just one individual – digitalcare100 lets you completely customize how you communicate

Message Scheduling

Schedule distribution of your care messages to the tune of your practice. We provide a state-of-the-art scheduling platform that puts you in control of the clock

Free Onboarding & Training

Onboard in less than an hour with our free training services, taking the stress out of learning a new platform

Ongoing Technical Support

Have a question or technical difficulty? Our team is here to make sure your team succeeds

Digital Care by the Numbers

According to a Harvard Business School report: Through digital care, an estimated 5% increase in patient retention can result in a 25% to 95% increase of profits!
80% of a practice’s future revenue can come from just 20% of its existing patients.
Are you connecting with yours?
40% of patients discontinue treatment after only 10 sessions!
How can you better retain patients? It’s simple: Cultivate a relationship.
Patients not only want to receive messages from you, but they are also 98% likely to open it upon delivery.
The stats don’t lie – patients trust your wellness expertise and they expect you to continue the health conversation beyond the walls of your office.
79% of patients would like to receive text messages from their doctor, especially video content or helpful tips.
Through digital care, an improvement of 2% to 3% for three years can increase your practice’s value by $100,000!
It’s more than delivering a connection – it’s an investment.
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